Xavier Celebrate School’s 21st Pass Out Parade

Xavier College celebrated their school cadet 21st passing out parade with the support of St Thomas High School Brass Band on Friday 15th July 2016.

Republic of Fiji Military Forces Chief of Staff Colonel Litea Seruiratu commended the students, teachers and parents for a magnificent 21st pass out parade after reviewing the parade at the school ground. “It is with great pleasure that I am able to stand before you today, to review this spectacular parade which all of us have witnessed. This is a very special day for the school community especially the cadets, as it is the 21st passing out parade for the school,” Col Seruiratu praised the students.

In her address, Col Seruiratu emphasized how cadetship was aimed at introducing the principle of discipline, courage, obedience, determination and teamwork. “It reinforces culture, love, selflessness, sharing and working together in achieving a common goal. It encourages valuable personal attributes, help to build skills and using military themes based upon the culture and ethos of the military to foster confidence, self-reliance, initiative, loyalty and a sense of service to others,” Col Seruiratu said. She also mentioned that cadet training improved young people’s life chances and prepare them for the challenges and responsibilities of employment and adult life.

The significant aspect of the parade which brought the audience together to cheer with delight and amazement as the cadets transformed to a formation which read BULA MD LVS which was announced to the parade audience meaning “Bula Vinaka Madam Colonel Litea Vulakoro Seruiratu”. The cadets transformed to the formation following the march past.

The pass out parade was concluded with a march past by the year 13 students who were regarded as graduates of Xavier College Cadet Corps for successfully completing their three years basic cadet training.

Trophy Recipients

The Baton of Honour was awarded to Xavier College Head Boy and parade commander, year 13 student Sidarth Raman. Charlie Company won the Davina Divesh trophy as the best company, Delta No.1 Platoon won the Elisha Trophy for being the best female platoon. The Echo No.1 platoon won the Principals Trophy for being the best male platoon. No.2 Platoon of Bravo Company won the non-rifle trophy. The outstanding female cadet award was presented to the marker of Echo Company year nine student Milika Sukuru. The best Senior Non commanding officer was awarded to the Parade RSM year 13 student Joji Bobui. The Captain Mulase Trophy was presented to student Avenai Tuiova of Alpha Company.