Force Commander (FC) of United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) praised Fijian Peacekeepers for their noteworthy achievement during the medals parade on Friday 21 April 2017.

The FC, Maj General Jai Shanker Menon who was the chief guest at the medals parade of the 4th Fijian Battalion of the Second Fiji Infantry Regiment serving under the UNDOF banner expressed his gratitude on their valuable contribution within the northern and southern sectors of the mission’s area of operations. “I have closely monitored the activities of all contingents under UNDOF and I am proud to say that Fiji Batt 4 have excelled in its role as loyal, dedicated and committed Peacekeepers in all the areas and responsibilities assigned to you”, he said. He added that the hands and footprints of Fiji Batt 4 were all over the mission area from the north to the south of the area of operations.

The Head of Mission stated that their tireless ability in the resupplying of ration to UNDOF positions on the peak of Mount Hermon and providing security to the Observer Group Golan (OGG) personnel in the south were noteworthy achievements. Maj. Gen. Menon also stated that the Fijian Peacekeepers remarkable performance in the reoccupation of Camp Four was an event worth recognizing. Camp Faour was vacated by force in 2014 as a result of intensified threat within the area of operation.

The Force Commander concluded by commending all medal recipients reminding them that the UNDOF medals must be worn with honor as it signifies discipline, courage and integrity.