Troops refine shooting skills

Troops refine shooting skills

Training cadre designed a two days shooting competition which commenced on 1st December 2016 to develop soldiers and sailors shooting skills and refine their marksmanship.

Land Force Command (LFC) Chief of Staff, Lieutenant Colonel Onisivoro Covunisaqa in his opening address, expressed his gratitude on the tireless effort of the LFC Training Cadre in reviving an important aspect of military undertakings and stated the importance of improving shooting skills. “You may have seen that we are reviving the inter-unit competitions in order to retain and maintain the marksmanship standard of the RFMF. However I remind you today that those weapons are free from defect but it is your marksmanship that will make it work,” Lt Col Covunisaqa said.

Participants were tested on the pistol shooting category on day one and will end with the rifle shooting skills category on day two. Both categories include close combat engagement and long range combat engagements on static positions. The rifle test on day two also included tests on firing from moving positions.

Shooting competition participants included teams from the Fiji Navy, Land Force Command Battalion, Logistic Support Unit, Third Fiji Infantry Regiment, Engineers Regiment and Force Training Group.

The shooting competition which was conducted at the Vatuwaqa Range will be completed on Friday 2nd December 2016.