Senior Non Commissioned Officers Course Graduation

Forty seven Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (SNCO) of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) graduated from Force Training Group (FTG) on Thursday 21st October 2016. The Chief Guest Director Human Resource Management Lieutenant Colonel S.K. Vuetaki reviewed the parade on behalf of the Commander RFMF and RFMF Leadership.

The Graduates were presented with a Drill Cane each, 29985 Private Semisi Vunibola from 3FIR ECO Company Lautoka was given the best student award by Lieutenant Colonel S.K. Vuetaki officially closing the SNCO Promotion course 1/16.

He congratulated the  and said The RFMF has a proud history of leadership. We have had military leaders who did not only serve RFMF exceptionally; they also established their marks in civilian societies and including the government.

He told the Graduates that you will see, meet and come across firsthand what is happing around you in your respective areas of responsibility. In other words you have your fingers on the pulse of the RFMF.

Ending his speech Lieutenant Colonel S.K. Vuetaki thanked CO FTG and his staff for the job well done. He wished them the best for their career and may the Good Lord lead them and guide them always.

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