Roles of a Leader

Shekinah Law Associate lawyer and President of the Fiji Law Society Mrs Laurel Vaurasi was the guest speaker to Officers of the RFMF attending the Grade III course on the 26th of October 2016.

Mrs Vaurasi shared her experiences on leadership, she said when she looked at her roles as a leader she realized that leadership is a role of servanthood. She told the officers of the RFMF that they were the leaders from the time they are born and not leaders from the top.

She gained her Bachelor of law at Bond University in Queensland, Australia and worked at the crown law office in Queensland in 1996. Mrs Vaurasi was also in the private sector in New South Wales. In 1998 she moved back to Fiji and joined a private firm in Lautoka. Later in 2003 she became a partner. In April 2009 Mrs Laurel Vaurasi however is still employed at Shekinah Law and strives to provide timely and quality legal service.

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