HQ RFMF Command Elements

  • Commander Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) – Rear Admiral Viliame Naupoto OF (MIL), MSD, psc
  • Deputy Commander RFMF  – Brigadier (Dr) General Mohammed Aziz OF (MIL), MSD, LLB, LLM, SJD
  • Chief of Staff HQ RFMF – Colonel Litea Vulakoro Seruiratu  MSD, MBA, psc


  • Director Finance/Logistics/Accounts – Commander (Navy) Lepani Vaniqi
  • Director Human Resources – Lieutenant Colonel Samuela Vuetaki
  • Director Coordination – Lieutenant Colonel Isoa Loanakadavu
  • Director Force Development – Lieutenant Colonel Maika Baleinaloto
  • Director Army Legal Services – Lieutenant Colonel Kitione Tuinaosara
  • Director Peace Support Operations – Commander Humphrey Biu Tawake

Finance and Acquisition Directorate


  • Conduct budget planning and formulation
  • Execution, monitoring and reporting
  • Financial statements and assets position


  • Assist formulation of equipment table
  • Review and enhance acquisition and procurement policies
  • Review of RFMF Volume II
  • Develop an independent stores system

Army Legal Service Directorate

  •  Advice on changes to Cap 81
  • Review RFMF agreement, MOU with other Defence partners and agencies
  • Review rules of engagement
  • Develop regulation and women aligned with international norms and standards – adoption of UN Security Resolution 1325

Force Development and Strategic Planning Directorate

  • Develop a framework for National Defence
  • Develop a Defence White Paper
  • Develop a Force Capability Plan
  • Develop a Force Equipment Table
  • Develop a HADR policy

Human Resources Management Directorate

  • Review and realign the RFMF according to its constitutional role
  • Review and enhance current policies on recruitment, retention, health and education
  • Review Training Policies
  • Review of RFMF Volume I

Deployable Force Directorate

  • Develop Standard Operating Procedure to support Peace Keeping Operations (PKO)
  • Develop sustainment plan for PKO
  • Review and conduct Mission Capability structure
  • Develop and enhance United Nations partnership
  • Review of MOU

Coordination Directorate

  • Develop policy, SOP for coordination with line government agencies, NGOs and Defence partners
  • Review RFMF with strategic partnership programs
  • Review implementation of MOUs
  • Develop the Annual CRFMF intent
  • Protection of Fiji’s Maritime Sovereignty
  • Develop a Maritime Strategy
  • Develop and enhance its CONOPS
  • Modernizing its fleets
  • Assist in the Protection and Management of Maritime Resources
  • Maintain a HADR capability
  • Protection and Security of Fiji’s Maritime Boundaries