Bushmaster at the Rosh Hanikra Boarder

The republic of Fiji Military Forces not only redesigned its peacekeeping training package but also enhanced its capability through the inclusion of seven protective mobility vehicles (PMV) to meet peacekeeping challenges of the 21st century.

After 40 years of peacekeeping around the globe the Republic of Fiji Military Forces has finally opened another chapter as the seven protective mobility vehicles (PMV) or Bushmaster entered the mission area at Camp Ziouani in the Golan Heights at 1800 hrs 27th March 2017. This significant occasion is a history in the making as these RFMF armored mobile vehicles will be, for the first time used in the mission area.

These vehicles are important as they provide armored protective capabilities and are also a requirement from the United Nations as troop contributing countries have to provide armored personnel carriers for the safety of troops as tension within the area of separation have escalated dramatically.

Lt Col Daunivakasala Ravunakana, the Commanding Officer of the 4th Battalion 1st Fiji Infantry Regiment in Golan Heights said he was very delighted to witness the arrival of the bushmasters and looking forward to make good use of the PMVs. The Commanding Officer also thanked the government for the political will to procure these military assets for our peacekeeping operations.

Morale was very high in camp as the troops eagerly awaited the arrival of the PMVs. Lt Col Ravunakana thanked the Lord that this historic episode eventuated during his tenure. Upon entering Camp Ziouani, echoes of the “Lords my Shepherd” hovered around the Camp Ziouani drill square as the PMVs lined up across the square.

A credential guard was accorded to the convoy as a mark of respect followed by Rev Savenaca Nakeke, the Force Chaplain blessing the seven protective mobility vehicles. The troop is looking forward to make good use of these PMVs.

The mobile vehicles arrived at Beirut and were conveyed through the Rosh Hanikra boarder to Camp Ziouani, the present UNDOF Headquarters based in Israeli side of Golan Heights.