‘Regardless of Season, Weather or Terrain’

Troops of the Third Battalion Fiji Infantry Regiment (3FIR) held true to their Infanteers Motto ‘Regardless of Season, Weather or Terrain’ said 3FIR  Commanding Officer (CO) Lieutenant- Colonel Penioni Naliva as 3FIR service personnel persisted the heavy down pouring rain at the units year end parade at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks Drill Square at Delainabua on Tuesday 21 November 2017.

“The parade this morning is an end of year annual parade for the Third Battalion Fiji Infantry Regiment to reflect and celebrate everything we have gone through throughout the year,” Lt Col Naliva said at a brief interview after the parade.

“And this was an opportunity for once to parade our own colors, the colors are paraded for everyone to see, as a rallying point for the battalion because at the start of the year we paraded out our colors and now the end of the year, but through all that, there are a lot of activities that we carried out throughout the year, that we are thankful for as a battalion,” Lt Col Naliva emphasized.

CO 3FIR said all the activities had showcased the battalion and the RFMF not only locally here within the nation but in some cases all over the world.

“The parading of the colors is also in significance of the traditions and values and cores of the service of the battalion in the different battlefields of the past and present missions and deployments both locally and overseas,”

“The colors of the 3FIR were only bestowed upon the battalion after they had proven themselves during battle after the Malayan Campaign as well as the Solomon Campaign” Lt Col Naliva emphasized.

Lt-Col Naliva said he was glad to see his troops proud to be part of the 3FIR and how they were tightly bound by the sense of comradery and ‘esprit de corps’.