Comd RFMF and Tui Macuata LtCol Wiliame Katonivualiku after the family Church Service at Sukanaivalu Barracks on Sunday 4th December 2016

Commander RFMF told Golf Company personnel during their church service on Sunday 4th November 2016 to recognize and appreciate the sacrifice rendered by the spouse.


Whilst on his quarterly visit to military installations and personnel, Rear Admiral Naupoto attended the family church service which was organized by Golf Company. Such occasion is held on a quarterly basis in which their family members and friends are invited to attend.  They congregated at the Sukanaivalu Barracks hall and received the Christmas message conveyed by the Chaplain and their Commander RFMF.


RFMF Chaplain Major Ilaitia Tuwere, in his sermon reminded Golf Company personnel and their families that the Prophet Isaiah had enlightened Gods Love through Jesus’s sacrifice that they and their families could be saved from the wicked and disastrous influence of the devil.


On the same token, CRFMF stated that it was important to recognize the sacrifice their spouse had made. “Your spouse sacrifice for your families by carrying out the dual role of mum and dad which enabled you to sacrifice for the RFMF and the nation as a whole locally and abroad,” he said. He added that their spouse had contributed to their achievement.


Also present at the Church Service was the high chief the Tui Macuata, Lieutenant Colonel (Ratu) Wiliame Katonivualiku.