Peacekeeping Trainees Live Firing Exercise

Fijian peacekeepers were tested with new weapons during their live firing exercise at Nausori Highlands.

The Peace Keeping Training School Team in Blackrock, Nadi conducted a two day live firing exercise at the Nausori Highlands on Monday and Tuesday. 11th and 12th July for the UNDOF Batt 4 Draft consisting of 300 personnel.

Capt Robert Browne, the Officer Commanding of the Peace Keeping School said that this is the first time the draft personnel had to test fire the new weapons which they will take with them to replace the K2 rifles currently being used in UNDOF.

These new weapons which were aided by the Russian Government include AK 74 assault rifles, PKM Light Machine Gun, RPK 74 Light Machine Gun, Pistolet Markorov 9 mm pistol and the Korean K6 50 caliber Heavy Machine Gun.

Prior to this RFMF personnel selected to serve with 1FIR under UNDOF had been undergoing training at Blackrock, under the tutelage of the experienced staff of the Peacekeeping School. Paramount amongst these lessons was the safe and effective handling of the weapons prior to the live firing field shoot.