New Zealand and Fijian peacekeepers entertained guests during the farewell dinner at the Red Sea Oasis on Saturday July 15, 2017.

The occasion was organized to farewell the outgoing Multinational Force and Observers Director General, Ambassador David M. Satterfield who will complete his term later this year. The DG, FC and MFO senior officers had the opportunity to watch the Kiwis perform the Haka when the chief guest was greeted at the venue.

WO2. Ra Turia stated that the ‘Haka’ is performed to display tribal pride, strength, and unity. “The Haka is a fierce display of tribal pride, strength and unity traditionally used in battlefield as well as when groups come together in peace” he said. The DG and the Force Commander expressed their gratitude towards the NZ warriors for their fine performance.

Later a small group of the Fijian Contingent entered the Red Sea Oasis Club to entertain the guests singing a few Fijian songs as they interacted during the twenty-five minutes ’interlude. Although the lyrics were in Fijian, the guests enjoyed the entertainment. The Fijian serenades concluded their entertainment with the traditional Fijian farewell song ‘Isa Lei’ which was dedicated to the DG. As the guests attempted to assimilate the Fijian farewell song, Private Aminiasi Radrodro appeared from the group and enlightened the farewell song to the guests. The guests expressed their appreciation with a round of applause when the serenades concluded their entertainment.

Ambassador Satterfield is expected to be replaced by Ambassador Stephen R. Beecroft later this year.