Pass out for the Newly Commissioned Officers of RFMF

Pass out parade of the Officers cadet of the Republic of Fiji Military Force was held at the Queens Elizabeth Barracks in Nabua on 24th March 27, 2017.

Commander RFMF Rear Admiral Viliame Naupoto reviewed the parade and congratulated the newly commissioned officers for their dedication, endurance and hard work. He said from the 82 that they started with 10 has gone overseas for training and the 10 cadet graduated today.

Commander RFMF said today you graduate as Commissioned officers and join the officer core of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces. Rear Admiral Naupoto said that you will be part of a family of Men and Women officers of RFMF and as the current head I welcome you.

He told the graduates that the task ahead is quite challenging and now you join the institution that is tasked throughout the institution to ensure the Security, Defense and wellbeing of all Fijians.

In edition we are also tasked as the peace keepers in various peacekeeping missions around the world, he added. The Commander RFMF concluded that the task requires your full attention and dedication which demands your highest level of Professionalism and wish them a successful and fulfilling career.


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