In an inaugural parade on Monday 6th February, 2017, the new Commanding Officer (CO) of Logistic Support Unit, Lieutenant Colonel Silipa D. Vananalagi addressed members of her Unit.Lt Col Vananalagi had ascended to the new post late last year. She thanked members of the parade for their turnout and support. She reminded them of the important role they play within the RFMF as an organisation.

“I would like to thank you for the good job well done. Our Battalion’s mission in the force hasn’t been changed. Remember that, our task is to provide Logistic Support efficiently and effectively to the RFMF units locally and overseas,” Lt Col Vananalagi told members of her Unit.

“We should be proud of whom we are when we are called to come and do the duty. To execute the duty tasked by our superiors, whether it is from HQ RFMF or HQ LFC. We are a service battalion,” the CO LSU said.

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