‘Do not complain’ was the word of the Force Training Group (FTG) Commanding Officer (CO) Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col)Petero Talemaivatuwiri to members of the 47 Senior Non-Commission Officers (SNCO) course before they departed the school to return to their respective parent units on 21 October 2016.

The Colonel in his closing address stressed that the SNCO’s have a huge role to play in the force. “Your role was to absorb whatever command given to you and filter it before you pass it on to the other ranks and also you have to be very good with the customs and the tradition of the force,” Colonel Talemaivatuwiri mentioned.

“The conducting of training is also your responsibility to ensure that your men are physically fit and well versed with there unit objectives,” he said. He added that it will enable them to contribute positively to RFMF’s objectives as required under the constitution of the nation.

Lt Col Talemaivatuwiri told graduates that the military rely on them in upholding military discipline and ethos which will influence other ranks and officers to professionally carry out their military undertakings. He concluded that he hoped that what they have learned in the past two months at FTG will equip them to do their duty potentially to the best of their abilities.

The course participants were awarded with a certificate each and later celebrated their achievements with a dinner and grog session.

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