CRMF Highlights 2018 General Elections

“You must make an informed decision during the election; make sure you are convinced on which person you will choose.” These were the words of the Commander RFMF (CRFMF) Rear-Admiral Viliame Naupoto during the last Commanders Parade for this year 2017 at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks.

Speaking to the military personnel present at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks, the Commander emphasized on various points which included the upcoming General Election which will be scheduled for next year.

Rear-Admiral Naupoto briefed his men on pre-election events and certain rules for the General Elections. He encouraged the RFMF to go listen and ask question in order to make that informed decision before Election Day.

“You cannot and will not be allowed to actively campaign for a party or a candidate, however if you choose to do so then you will have to resign from the RFMF because you do danger for yourself and you are breaking the law.”

“The RFMF will be “a-political”; however you will be able to attend pre-election campaigns and I encourage you to go and ask some questions in order to make the informed decision come the Election Day,” Rear-Admiral Naupoto said.

In addition, Rear-Admiral Naupoto also reminded the troops that the RFMF will support and stand-by the government that will be formed after the election.

“After the elections and a government has been formed our allegiance as an institution automatically shifts to that government; no matter who you have chosen. Let us all adhere to this and let no one manipulate you because such issues have happened in the past.” Rear-Admiral Naupoto concluded.

The Commander RFMF after speaking in the Parade hosted a Christmas lunch for members of the other ranks showing his appreciation after a year of hard-work.