Always Bring Your Sunshine

The Fiji Police PR serenades and RFMF Brass Band reminded cyclone affected villages on Saturday 02 April that no matter the weather to always keep their sunshine.

While on their entertainment tour at Vanuabalavu Islands, it was evident that some villages were yet to recover from the traumatic effects of cyclone Winston. The situation has resulted to the visit of the two entertainment groups under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Serevi Vananalagi. The objective of the two visiting groups was to cheer up the villagers and encourage them stand up and start rebuilding their lives before to government assistance arrives to their shores. Maj Meli Bulitiliva advised them to remove the anguish Cyclone Winston has brought to their lives and aspire for a workable development which will flourish in the not too distant future.

The entertainment tour appeared to be morale booster to members of the New Zealand Defense Force working on the rehabilitation projects at Vanuabalavu

The visit was completed at Lomaloma village in Vanuabalavu