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It is an honor to welcome you to the newly designed website of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces.

We appreciate your interest in visiting our website since we regard it as a medium for informing our interested audiences of our constitutional obligation. Fundamentally, the purpose of designing a website for the RFMF was conceived in early 2000 whereby the RFMF Media Cell embarked on its establishment until the initial design was made available in the internet in 2004.

We have encountered the challenges of this neo-technological era which has been a learning experience to the RFMF. However, we are pleased to welcome you to the latest design of the RFMF Website. We hope that you, as our valued audiences, will find informative materials in this medium as we undertake our fiduciary role.




About Us

Under the 2013 Constitution, of the Republic of Fiji, the RFMF is mandated to be the guardian of Fiji carrying out the mandate of the people through our National Administration.

“It shall be the overall of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces to ensure at all times the security, defence and well-being of Fiji and all Fijians.


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