DSC 3690The Honorable Prime Minister articulated the combined church service as a message of unity, service and celebration of the security forces calling. The church service which eventuated at the Vodafone arena on Sunday 24th January 2016 was aimed to and unite members of the security forces and inaugurate their role in overseeing the maintenance of law and order of the nation. The Honorable Prime Minister and representatives from Sanatan Dharam Pratindhi Sabha of Fiji, the Fiji Muslim League and the Fiji Police Force Chaplain delivered key note addresses during the church service. Representatives from religious groups emphasized the importance of creating an ideal workplace which embraces peacefulness, cooperation and total commitment to duty through divine guidance. In his key note address, the Honorable Prime Minister stated that the church service was a clear message of unity and building a better Fiji. “We are sending a message of unity, service and celebration,” he said. He added that the church service was to celebrate the fact that members of the security forces were called to a noble service and by having the ability to do right, they must continue to ease suffering, protect the weak and make Fiji a better place. “St Paul reminded us that ‘Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty;’ and I urge you to always act in the spirit of the Lord, because we are not just free people; we are people who truly love our freedom