RFMF Headquarters Chief of Staff, Colonel Litea Vulakoro Seruiratu addressed members of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces on behalf of the Commander on Sunday 7th February 2016.

The newly appointed Chief of Staff reminded servicemen/servicewomen that all military undertakings for 2016 ought to be based with the Commander RFMF’s Intent. “I begin my address with the reminder that all our undertakings ought to be based on the Commanders Intent for 2016. I must emphasis to you that it’s the Commander’s Intent that each and every one of us will adhere to, to take us through in 2016 whether you are serving locally or abroad,” Col Seruiratu said. She added that it was imperative that members of the RFMF must take time to reflect on their past performance and gauge their contribution to the RFMF in 2015 before they embark with the Commander’s Intent for 2016. “The onus is on you, whether you are satisfied with your level of contribution in 2015 or you aspire to elevate your level of contribution in 2016,” she said.

Col Seruiratu also mentioned the importance of the efficient use of RFMF resources that government has provided in support of military undertakings in 2016. She stated that members of the military institution have weaknesses in utilizing RFMF assets which she presumed was the result of not treating military undertakings like business entities which are predominantly based on making profits. “When you put the dollar value in everything you decide to do you’ll realize it,” she said. Col Seruiratu recalled the sentiments of one of her previous Commanding Officer on the inadequacy of the amount of effort and salary received. “Just take time before you insert the card on Tuesday morning, take time and think back whether it’s worth the effort you put in the last three weeks to deserve the money that you’re about to withdraw from the ATM machine, if it’s not take it back to the pay office and say I’m sorry, I do not deserve it,” Col Seruiratu reminisced.

The Chief of Staff of Headquarters RFMF emphasized the importance of observing the RFMF ethos titled ‘NA DINA, DODONU kei na SAVASAVA’ which is stipulated in the 2016 Intent. She added that trustworthiness is imperative for the institution, for the family and for themselves in their daily undertaking and to elevate RFMF’s achievement to a level of excellence in 2016.

She outlined the three inherent advantages of all military institutions used by Multi National Corporations which should enable the RFMF to achieve the 2016 Commander’s Intent to a level of excellence. “We have the proven reputation for getting the mission done no matter the difficulty; you know the Infantry mantra ‘Regardless’. Second is a great leadership education program whereby the RFMF has produced strong leaders. Thirdly we have a strong set of values and ethics which has been imparted to us since recruitment and distinguishes us apart from other organizations,” she said.

Col Seruiratu concluded her address with the reminder that while leaders must remain fair, friendly and firm; all servicemen/servicewomen must have the moral courage to make the right decision and always safeguard their families who have been great supporters to our military undertakings. “I conclude my address with Proverbs Chapter 3 Verse 5 – 6, Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not rely on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your way prosperous”